Month: July 2021

By Norman Klein

Essential Oils for Dogs

Dogs, and humans alike, may use essential oils as holistic remedies. Now more than ever, the use of natural oils for dogs has bloomed with many holistic veterinarians and medical practitioners recommending certain essential oils to improve pets’ health and help treat common ailments. But before that, it is important to know what they are and how they should be used.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are natural oils extracted from highly concentrated plant substances that induce aromatherapy by causing calming sensations, relieving stress, and soothing aches. According to research, potent oils may have health benefits for dogs. While this is true, the same research institutes have fallen short of tangible evidence that essential oils could treat several ailments in dogs. Even so, this has not stopped many dog parents from trying their luck in treating a wide range of health issues with the same. But popular does not always mean good.

Are essential oils safe for dogs?

First things first, pets have a more sensitive sense of smell compared to their human friends. Due to this, they are not likely to respond to pleasant fragrances as humans do. Some scents may be too overwhelming and harmful to your … Read the rest