Month: June 2022

By Norman Klein

Is It Good For Pets To Witness the Death of Fellow Pet

When a pet dies, sometimes owners ask the veterinarian whether they should show the body of their dead pet to other pets. The owners ask this question out of care and sincerity towards their pets. They do not know how they should explain to surviving pets what has to transpire to their buddy. They do not know how to tell them that their buddy is not getting back from their final vet visit.

It is a subject of debate whether telling surviving pet about dog euthanasia at home is helpful or not. Zen Dog Veterinary Care PLLC understands this and is there to help the owners in the final journey of their pet. Zen Dog Veterinary Care PLLC takes care of the aftercare of your pet for you. It gives you the time to pull your thoughts back.

However, there is only a little evidence supporting this topic. On the one hand, people will argue that pets do not have the mental ability to apprehend the finality of death. Showing the body of their dead fellow is like letting a child see the body of a deceased family member at their funeral.

The result is no register of the situation. … Read the rest