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Boerboel Care Tips You Should Understand

Taking care of a pet means that you should have spare time to dedicate yourself to it, which is an essential factor to remember. According to zoologists, people have domesticated dogs between 12 and 25 thousand years ago.

We have selectively bred them to ensure that we get the dog capable of handling particular assignments for us. The best way to learn more about this particular breed is by checking here for added info.

Nowadays, you can find more than four hundred different breeds available that come in different shapes, sizes, personality traits, intelligence, and many more.

Even though people prefer mixed breeds that do not feature pedigree as purebred ones, you should know that one of the most popular picks is Boerboel.

However, this particular dog is not for everyone, mainly because it is challenging to handle, requires intense training and socialization. Therefore, if you cannot spare enough time to give them attention, you should avoid getting a pet.

General Care Tips


The feeding depends on age, which is an important consideration to understand. Therefore, you should feed puppies between eight and twelve weeks old at least four times a day.

On the other hand, puppies between three and six months require three meals to develop correctly.

When they reach six months old, you should feed them twice until they reach maturity. Only when they are mature, and adult enough can you implement a single meal daily to ensure that all nutrients can help it healthy.

The feeding frequency depends on your needs and preferences, which is why you should stop overfeeding your dog because it can lead to severe consequences. Instead, you can divide one large meal into a few small ones, but do not overdo it.

Similarly, like any other dog, a combined diet is the best for the best development. Therefore, you should combine broth, canned and dry food to ensure overall health. Besides, regular water intake should always be available, which depends on the exercise regimen you created.

They prefer eating human food, including cooked eggs, veggies, fruits, and cottage cheese. However, it would be best to give a Boerboel dog maximum of 10% of human food daily because it should consume quality products specifically made for dogs.

Remember that human food can lead to vitamin and mineral deficiencies, bone and tooth issues, and lead to obesity in the long run. When giving them water, you need to ensure that it is potable and clean, which is why you should frequently clean both food and water bowls.


Staying in shape is a crucial aspect of keeping the overall health, recharging their brains, and preventing potential overstimulation in the home. They are more likely than other breeds to feel boredom, which is why you should find ways to help them handle it,

Outside playtime is the most critical aspect that will help your dog keeps its strength and health. You can adopt different methods, including chasing, herding, chewing, digging, retrieving, and many more.

Of Couse, you need to create an exercise regimen based on health levels and age. Still, going outside on a leash for ten minutes a day is not enough and may lead to severe frustration and even aggression in old age.


When it comes to grooming, you can rest assured because South African Mastiffs do not shed like other dogs. They still require regular brushing to keep their shine and prevent potential problems.

You should check for fleas and ticks every single day, especially during the spring and summer months.

You do not have to bath them more than a few times a year unless it gets dirty due to outside factors.

Of course, we recommend you cut out or mats and combs from the coat before a bath and rinse all soap until you finish with the process.


Having a young dog is simple to handle. For instance, if you wish to carry it, you should place your hands on its chest and support its rump and legs while in the air.

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Avoid grabbing it on the tail, neck, and front legs to prevent potential problems. On the other hand, if you wish to lift a mature Boerboel, you should pick it underneath while holding its chest with one and rear end with another arm.

However, since it is one of the largest dogs, we do not recommend lifting it when it reaches adulthood.